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About Champion Life

As a social enterprise, our mission is to improve peoples’ mental and physical health at all stages of life.

We know moving makes you feel better, and we want to make it easy for people of all ages and mobility levels to receive these benefits.

Our award-winning video learning & outcomes measurement platform delivers physical activity, wellbeing and learning interventions to populations in need.

We specialise in sectors that have large numbers of in-need individuals:
Schools, Aged Care and Disability Service

Our technology is secure and fully supported

Champion Life is a secure platform built on a powerful software foundation.

All content is only accessible via secure login

Content is stored safely on Australian servers owned by Acquia, a company trusted by governments, universities and industry leaders. View Acquia’s security policies for more information.

We maintain and upgrade the platform regularly,

Implementing feedback from our clients to ensure content remains fresh and relevant. And we’re always here to answer questions and keep things running smoothly.

Want to know more?

Get in touch to learn more about how Champion Life can help your organisation achieve its goals.