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Standard One: Consumer dignity and choice

Consumer Outcome

(1) I am treated with dignity and respect and can maintain my identity. I can make informed choices about my care and services, and live the life I choose.

Organisation Statement

(2) The organisation:

(a) has a culture of inclusion and respect for consumers; and

(b) supports consumers to exercise choice and independence; and

(c) respects consumers’ privacy.

This standard reflects the importance of recognising a consumer’s sense of self. It also highlights the importance of the consumer being able to act independently, make their own choices and take part in their community. These are all important in fostering social inclusion, health and well-being.

Benefit of Champion Life Seniors

Champion Life Seniors delivers quantifiable evidence that the consumer participates, and is a partner in planning their care. The outcomes from the Champion Life Seniors demonstrates the consumer’s participation in expressing their feelings around wellbeing and inclusiveness through the program participation.

The program will also demonstrate awareness by the organisation that they focus on optimising health and well-being in accordance with the consumer’s needs, goals, and preferences.


Standard Two: Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers

Consumer Outcome

(1) I am a partner in ongoing assessment and planning that helps me get the care and services I need for my health and well-being.

Organisation Statement

(2) The organisation undertakes initial and ongoing assessment and planning for care and services in partnership with the consumer. Assessment and planning has a focus on optimising health and well-being in accordance with the consumer’s needs, goals and preferences.

This standard describes what organisations need to do to plan care and services with consumers and that planned care and services should meet each consumer’s needs, goals and preferences and optimise their health and well-being.

Benefit of Champion Life Seniors

Delivers quantifiable evidence that consumers assessment is based on evidence from contemporaneous observations and consumer feedback.  

The feedback from consumers  through engagement in the program demonstrates the organisation has a focus on optimising health and wellbeing in accordance with the consumer’s needs, goals, and preferences.


Standard Three: Personal care and clinical care

Consumer Outcome

(1) I get personal care, clinical care, or both personal care and clinical care, that is safe and right for me.

Organisation Statement

(2) The organisation delivers safe and effective personal care, clinical care, or both personal care and clinical care, in accordance with the consumer’s needs, goals and preferences to optimise health and well-being.

Consumers and the community expect the safe, effective, and quality delivery of personal and clinical care. The Standard applies to all services delivering personal and clinical care specified in the Quality of Care Principles, 2014.

Benefit of Champion Life Seniors

Allied Health Expert designed and delivered video activities ensure that population-specific, safe and effective activities are offered to residents under the supervision of care staff. 

The self-paced manner of Champion Life Seniors demonstrates that consumer safety is paramount and that an inclusive approach to the planning and delivery of personal and clinical care is occurring when the consumer is able to participate. 


Standard Four: Services and supports for daily living

Consumer Outcome

(1) I get the services and supports for daily living that are important for my health and well-being and that enable me to do the things I want to do.

Organisation Statement

(2) The organisation provides safe and effective services and supports for daily living that optimise the consumer’s independence, health, well-being and quality of life.

Services and supports for daily living cover a wide range of options that aim to support consumers to live as independently as possible and enjoy life. They may be any services (other than clinical or personal care services) that an organisation provides under the Quality of Care Principles, 2014.

Benefit of Champion Life Seniors

By participating in Champion Life Seniors, the consumer is demonstrating goal setting and achievement.  The self-rating nature of the program means the consumer is taking charge of progress towards a feeling of wellbeing and improved fitness for their age and capability. 

The organisation is able to actively demonstrate the inclusive collaborative approach taken to goal setting and progress through the monitoring of the consumer program and inclusion of this in activities such as case conferences when wellbeing and feelings of progress are being reviewed. 

Champion Life Seniors empowers consumers to become more active, engaged and educated about their wellbeing. By doing this Champion Life Seniors will actively assist the consumers participating to become more confident in their choices.


Standard Five: Organisation's service environment

Consumer Outcome

(1) I feel I belong, and I am safe and comfortable in the organisation’s service environment.

Organisation Statement

(2) The organisation provides a safe and comfortable service environment that promotes the consumer’s independence, function, and enjoyment.

This standard applies to the physical service environment that the organisation provides for residential care, respite care and day therapy centres. It ensures the service environment, furniture, and equipment support a consumer’s quality of life, as well as their independence, ability and enjoyment.

Benefit of Champion Life Seniors

For consumers in residential care and utilising day care centres who have access to Champion Life Seniors,  there will be demonstrated evidence that the service environment is supporting the consumer’s choices in wellbeing and physical activity.  

The flexibility and ease of use of the program in the service environment is conducive to regular engagement and positive outcomes. 


Standard Six: Feedback and complaints 

Consumer Outcome

(1) I feel safe and am encouraged and supported to give feedback and make complaints. I am engaged in processes to address my feedback and complaints, and appropriate action is taken.

Organisation Statement

(2) The organisation regularly seeks input and feedback from consumers, carers, the workforce and others and uses the input and feedback to inform continuous improvements for individual consumers and the whole organisation.

Consumers should feel safe and comfortable giving feedback to the organisation. Some consumers have barriers that make it difficult for them to raise complaints. These could be cognitive or communication difficulties, language or cultural differences. Organisations are expected to look for ways to tackle these barriers and create a culture that welcomes feedback and supports consumers to make complaints.

Benefit of Champion Life Seniors

By participating in the Champion Life program and in particular the Wellbeing Monitor, it is expected that consumer confidence will be enhanced. Previous experience of participants in Champion Life programs demonstrates the program will:

  • Encourage consumers to consider their mental health state and in an opportunity to and practise emotional self-awareness, an essential component of wellbeing.
  • Provide a simple help-seeking tool which can be used to initiate further assistance eg. help-seeking conversations with carers. 
  • This feedback can help the organisation to continue to keep improving through examining feedback and resolving issues for consumers.


Standard Seven: Human Resources

Consumer Outcome

(1) I get quality care and services when I need them from people who are knowledgeable, capable and caring.

Organisation Statement

(2) The organisation has a workforce that is sufficient, and is skilled and qualified to provide safe, respectful and quality care and services.

This Standard requires an organisation to have and use a skilled and qualified workforce, sufficient to deliver and manage safe, respectful, and quality care and services, which meet the Quality Standards.

This Standard includes four key concepts:

  • The sufficiency of the workforce  
  • The attributes, attitude, and performance of the workforce 
  • Organisational support for the workforce 
  • Assessment, monitoring and review

Benefit of Champion Life Seniors

The program demonstrates organisational support to give the workforce the time and the tools needed to deliver quality care to consumers every day while maintaining the health and safety of their workforce. 

By freeing up staff time for the consumer in the planning and delivery of recreational and wellbeing activities the organisation will be able to deliver more care and services to all consumers by reallocation of resources .

The principles of Champion Life Seniors encourage consumer direction and participation with monitoring of ongoing progress will encourage the collaborative nature of the activity to become part of the consumers daily care plan. 

The program will succeed even when the organisation may experience staff shortages because the training required for staff is minimal, the hours required for staff participation are low and staff can continue to do their job effectively and be able to communicate and build positive relationships with consumers through delivery of  this program. 


Standard Eight: Organisational governance

Consumer Outcome

(1) I am confident the organisation is well run. I can partner in improving the delivery of care and services.

Organisation Statement

(2) The organisations’ governing body is accountable for the delivery of safe and quality care and services.

The intention of this Quality Standard is to hold the governing body of the organisation responsible for the organisation and the delivery of safe and quality care and services that meet the Standards.

Benefit of Champion Life Seniors

The Champion Life program with its inbuilt monitoring will give easily read and interpreted reports able to contribute to governance systems to support the delivery of safe and quality aged care services. 

The reports will contribute to the demonstration of the organisation’s systems to assess, monitor and drive improvement in the quality and safety of the care and services they provide. This will include ensuring consumers have a quality experience through their self-reporting through regular engagement with Champion Life Seniors.